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Why Elliot is running

The Opportunity

We have an opportunity that comes along only few times in the history of a rural Ontario township: we are in a good financial position thanks to excellent planning and foresight; we are a strong rural Township with a rich agricultural history; our residents provide excellent talent and resources to the world class industries that make up our Region.

Our next opportunity includes further expanding and protecting our excellent recreational facilities to continue to meet the growing demand of all residents. Our approved Master Plan provides great insight and strategy in to what our community wants and needs over the next decade - including considering a 3rd ice pad, more diverse activities and infrastructure in our more rural communities. We should see that our vast employment lands are put to work for our residents. We need to continue to protect our countryside line, our environment and our rural heritage and farm industries. As someone who grew up on a local farm, I understand the impact that negative provincial policies and plans can have on our vital farmland and family farms.

As a parent of four children I spend a significant amount of time at our pool, hockey rinks and soccer fields - I want to ensure we continue to support the growth of recreation and facilities for our diverse population. But also as a parent I am concerned about traffic and community safety issues, and I want to make sure our community is as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy.

I believe in whole of community solutions to solving our problems. I believe greater communication between the Township and residents can only improve services and satisfaction. I don't believe I have all the answers, but I understand how important it is to listen to you, the taxpayers, and understand what you need. I believe in Wilmot Township.


I believe that with any issue or opportunity, a positive result can be found if you first take the time to listen, learn and think.
In my previous time on Wilmot Council I experienced and participated in some incredible achievements for our communities. Helping to plan, design and open the first phase of the Wilmot Recreation Complex was a milestone for Wilmot that has created a lasting legacy for our children and residents. With four children, swimming lessons, hockey, soccer, karate and other activities means I spent many many hours at the WRC each week and I am humbled to see the variety of people enjoying this facility. In 2010 I helped to further change the face of Wilmot by leading the creation of state of the art ball diamond facilities in New Dundee that are now the envy of the Region. As a school board trustee I advocated strongly for students and parents and regularly defended our rural schools. But when I am asked what my proudest moment on Council was, it is not these grand achievements - I think about the time that a local family lost its 100 year old farm in a fire, a devastating experience. I think about how we changed our policy to waive development fees for families who are rebuilding their property after a loss, a small gesture but impactful for those families. That is the great opportunity that Council has - to make real differences in the lives of our neighbors, and one of my proudest moments on Council.